Organisational Development Services

Dynamic People Development programs are designed from a foundation of sound psychological theory and extensive individual and group development experience, along with creativity, variety and a sense of fun. The following services are available to assist in the personal and professional development of executives, managers, supervisors and staff:

Training A range of training workshops relating to leadership, interpersonal skills, people management, workplace relationships, personal development, and stress management are offered for groups.  The workshops are interactive and practical and include instruction, discussion, practice, self-reflection, practical application, and action-planning.  Workshops can be offered as half-day sessions, full day sessions, or as a series. Combinations of workshops can be custom-designed for targeted comprehensive programs.

 Workshop topics include:

* All topics can be adapted to the needs of your particular group. Programs can be custom-designed to fulfil identified people management and personal development needs.

Coaching One to one coaching is available for those who want an individualised focus on professional or personal development. A coach will assist a client to set goals and give guidance and support for achieving those goals. Areas for development include communication skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, career development, motivation, using influence, dealing with conflict, stress management, and positive workplace relationships.

Group Coaching Group coaching is offered to groups of individuals who would benefit from a combination of training and coaching. Group coaching includes the exchange of cases and information with others regarding people management and interpersonal skills development. Sessions are run with a relevant topic as the basis - covering key aspects pitched to the need and skill level of the group. The sessions are then opened up for discussion and exploration, and include case studies, practice exercises and discussion of current issues as raised by the participants.

Consulting - Consulting is available for those looking for external advice regarding organisational development, or for those facing challenges regarding workplace relations.  A consultant will provide strategies and support that will assist clients to effectively design and implement development programs and/or manage workplace relations more effectively.  Consulting support can help with most personal and interpersonal workplace issues including conflict, stress, difficult behaviours, performance management, and team morale.

Team Development Team development is suitable for work groups who would benefit from working more effectively as a Team.  The process includes defining Team goals and determining strengths and areas for improvement.  Alternatively, the process may involve MBTI personality assessment and group debriefing to build better understanding of Team functioning as well as individual personality differences.  The sessions are solution focussed and designed to raise awareness and build trust.  Team development sessions can be built into conferences or retreats.

Group Facilitation Group facilitation is offered for work groups who require an independent and skilled facilitator to conduct meetings objectively and effectively.  A facilitator uses techniques to ensure the involvement of all Team members and manages the time effectively so that meeting objectives are met.  

Conflict Resolution Conflict resolution is an informal approach to mediation recommended when a workplace relationship is strained but still functioning.  Both parties are given an opportunity to express their concerns and define the key issues.  Both parties then generate solutions and a brief outline of agreed outcomes is signed off by both parties and provided as confirmation.

Corporate Clients include:

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